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  1. Javier Cabanes

    On behalf of my wife and I, we would like to thank you for your amazing efforts in satisfying our claim. Surely it was resolved because of your amazing efforts.

  2. Shirley Negretti

    I am so happy that I selected the use of PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc.’s services. My claim was an absolute headache in dealing with my insurance company but when they took over the handling of it, my nightmare was over. I have received an amazing recovery and additionally a $37,106.55 check to be used towards my repairs and that is only one of the additional amounts. Thank you so much to them for helping me in a claim when I had no one and thought that I had lost hope.

  3. Elio Lopez

    My mother,Aleida Lopez, suffered collapse damege to her property at which point the carrier tried to pass off the damege as wear and tear.PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. put up an amazing fight and sent an Engineer to her home that would justify that my mother’s damages were not wear and tear.My mother ended up taking the matter to Court and thanks to PrimeState’s efforts,she ended up recovering 50,00000.Therefore,the fact that she at first obtained zero and later obtained $50,000000,shows the major percentage in recovery.We owe this excellent recovery to PrimeState for handling my mother’s claim with knowledge ,care and of course,professionalism.We could not have done it without them” Elio Lopez

  4. John Asha

    “I am very proud to say that I am one of PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc.’s satisfied clients. They did everything in their power to see that we were quite happy with the outcome of our claim. We were overwhelmed in the beginning by our carrier’s failure to assist us but luckily PrimeState helped us out in the best way possible. The claims end results was more than satisfying and in my honest opinion, they are truly the best and we thank them.”

    John Asha

  5. Ms.Carrington

    We were very grateful for the amazing job that PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. did for our recent claim. It was them which lead us towards an amazing recovery. Although our carrier gave us quite some difficulty, they continued to put up an awesome fight. After going to an attorney and going through the legal process, we were able to recover even more. During that time, PrimeState maintained assistance and communication with us and working with our lawyer in an attempt to seeing us get the settlement we were entitled to.

    Best of luck to them and their staff,

    The Carringtons.

  6. Raquel Vallejo

    On February 15, 2010 I suffered a fire in my home. My carrier originally paid $370.00 on the claim very well knowing it was worth much more. Through a friend who previously dealt with PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. I was referred to use their services. On April 19, 2013 I signed a contract with them and my claim was re-opened. I was able to recover an additional $11,329.00. Had it not been for PrimeState’s handling of my claim I would have never been paid that additional amount. I thank them very much.

    Raquel Vallejo

  7. Amarilis Claro

    PrimeState, I thank you so much for advising me to continue to battle with my carrier and do not do the Right to Repair like they wanted me to. I went to court and won and it is because of listening to your advice. You are the greatest.


  8. Galo & Jessica Garcia

    PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. handled a water claim for us which occurred on June 2013. Only a short amount of weeks later, we received our recovery. I was amazed by the quick turn-around time. Their service and staff was impeccable and reliable. I am sure to contact them again should I every require their services. Thank you Primestate!

  9. Scott Allmers

    Our home was one of the ones affected by Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. I was quite devastated as the carrier did not want to provide us with the proper recovery we needed in order to make the necessary repairs. Thankfully, I heard of PrimeState. From the moment they handled the claim, they did so professionally and I thank them for their impeccable work. We recovered excellently and it is due to their staff’s knowledge in insurance and ability to constantly keep us apprised of any developments.

    Thanx .

  10. Armando Fernandez

    PrimeState Has represented Eastern National Bank in previous cases and I as well as the bank am very happy with their services. Your adjuster, Ray Romero, who holds more than 30 years of experience has demonstrated his professionalism and expertise in all of the claims we were represented in. Anyone we can recommend to PrimeState we surely will.


    Armando F. Fernandez
    Vice President
    Real Estate Department

  11. Gianni Argudin Torres

    My property was the victim of a devastating fire. I used the Primestate services and I am quite happy that I did. They are very great at what they do and offer the best adjusting services. They keep one apprised as to the status of their claims and lead you to a successful recovery. Thank you again to such a wonderful staff that is PrimeState’s.

  12. Marion Dale Carraher

    I had a roof leak in my house and I thought that I was going to be able to handle the claim on my own even though I had heard of Primestate Public Adjusters, Inc.’s services.

    The Insurance carrier paid $6,530.83 and when I advised Primestate of same, they advised than they had no problem in reviewing my claim without any obligations and they then said they would represent me in a supplemental claim.

    The results were great and the sum they were able to obtain for me in new money was $10,500.00 in other words, the supplemental claim is almost double of what my carrier originally paid me.

    For this reason along with the professionalism, I recommend the use of Primestate Public Adjusters, Inc.’s services.

  13. Manuel Perez

    Not even 1 month after PrimeState took over my claim’s handling did I receive a recovery. I am so thankful to them for having assisted me. They truly have their client’s best interests at heart and it shows. My fire claim was settled and I owe it to them.

  14. Tatiana Diaz

    My home had a horrible pipe burst on November 4, 2013 and I was exceptionally worried that my carrier would not cooperate with me when it came to providing me with a recovery. Luckily I hired PrimeState to represent my interests and they were able to work towards my recovery being incredible so that I could make the appropriate repairs to my home.
    If you or anyone you know may have suffered damage to property, this is the adjusting firm you want to turn to. They care, they are experts and all in all, they get you the results you not only expect but deserve.

  15. Nahir Gil

    I am very happy with the amount that was recovered in my claim. Your office’s fight with my carrier was very well worth it and I know that it was surely due to your knowledge of insurance. I am very grateful for all of your successful efforts.

  16. Eduardo Luis

    This is the second time that I had a claim handled by PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. and they did the same great job with this claim as they did with the last. I guarantee that if you use their services you will be just as satisfied because they do not stop fighting for you until the carrier gives you the amount you are entitled to. Thanks again PrimeState!

  17. Reinaldo Sanchez

    PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. is one of the best if not the best professional offices I have ever been to. They carry a grand amount of knowledge in the insurance field, great enough to guide their clients towards a successful claim. I recently suffered water damage and was exceptionally happy with its end result and I surely know it is because of PrimeState.

    -Reinaldo Sanchez

  18. Alejandro Perez

    I used PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. services in an insurance claim and they handled it professionally as well as rapidly. Thanks to them my carrier is providing me with recovery. I’m so thankful for them to take the time to manage a difficult situation and make it more a manageable process.
    For this reason along with the professionalism, I recommend the use of Primestate Public Adjusters, Inc.’s services.

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