Natural disasters are large, damaging events caused by forces of nature that mankind cannot control. Effecting thousands of people each year, hurricanes are one of the worst natural disasters which exist. Causing many innocent people to be injured, sometimes killed, and many properties to be destroyed, a hurricane’s aftermath is quite devastating.

A large, organized storm with a pronounced counterclockwise circulation around a calm center will surface winds of 74 mph or more, strong winds are caused by a Hurricane. While people cannot prevent a hurricane, they can take precautions that will minimize loss of life and property. Also known as typhoons or cyclones, hurricanes form over warm water, generally in the summer, when the oceans are at their warmest. Although it is not fully known how a hurricane forms or what exactly triggers development, one thing is certain, the damage and devastation proceeding a hurricane, will require the assistance of an expert professional to help you along the way of the claim process that you will have to take with your insurance carrier.

Most often, Insureds contact their insurance carrier prior to reaching out to a public adjuster only to find out during the claim process that what they expected from their carrier is not exactly what they had in mind much less received. In turn they contact an adjuster to assist them on a supplemental claim which we offer as well, however, the length of time for them receiving an additional recovery has unnecessarily increased. In order to cut the time in you receiving the appropriate recovery amount you are entitled to, we encourage you to contact PrimeState prior to reaching out to your carrier so that we may assist you from the very beginning of the claim process to the end.

At PrimeState, you will be dealing with expert Public Adjusters which are highly experienced to assess your damages and which will be working with you through the claim filing and recovery process. Simply reach us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and give us some brief detail of your damage such as when it occurred, how it occurred, the location of the damage, along with the name of your insurance company. We then set you up for an appointment with one of our expert Field Adjusters that will inspect your property.

During that inspection and unlike the adjuster that is specifically hired by your insurance carrier to protect their interests as opposed to yours and in an attempt to properly assess the extent of your damage, our adjuster will take his/her time in thoroughly inspecting your property. Due to the fact that mold can grown on wet surfaces, during the inspection we will encourage you to have a Mold test conducted either by a Bio Engineer or a reputable company which specifically specializes in mold testing. Following the evaluation, an Estimate is prepared and forwarded to your carrier for consideration of what we determine that your claim is worth in an attempt to successfully resolve the claim in your favor. These are only a few of the complicated steps a public adjuster takes in order to relieve you of the stress of dealing with your carrier. It is very important that only a qualified and licensed individual handles your claim so that the best recovery can be attained. Here at PrimeState, we have those qualified individuals.

On September 21, 1989 Hurricane Hugo made its way to South Florida and many of our Public Adjusters assisted those victims and the victims’ families by making them aware that they were not alone. Staffing the most knowledgeable professionals in the insurance industry that will serve every single one of your hurricane damage claim needs, PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. serves to protect only your best interests. If you or anyone you know has suffered damage to a property due to a hurricane, you’re just a phone call away from a fast and an appropriate recovery. Feel free to provide us with information in our inquiry window. Should you want to be prepared in the event of a hurricane, feel free to view our Disaster Ready booklet also on this website.

Contact us TODAY for a free evaluation and let us deal with your insurance carrier directly to relieve you of any further hurricane claim stress.