The Journal of Public Adjusting advises that according to The Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR), “insurance claims for sinkhole damage have increased drastically over recent years from 2,360 claims in 2006 to 6,694 in 2010.” While most sinkhole claims arise out of the State of Florida, we recommend that you take every precaution necessary in order to prevent a sinkhole damage at your property.

Caused by years of sub-surface soil erosion, the repairs of a sinkhole natural disaster, also known as swallow hole can be quite expensive. Erosion of the layers beneath the earth’s surface is the cause of a sinkhole. When those layers come in contact with water, their strength is weakened and in turn causing a complete hole in the ground that can basically swallow your entire property. We know it sounds quite scary and indeed it is. This process can take hundreds of years to develop; therefore, sinkholes most commonly occur in properties that have been existing for a significantly long amount of time. A sinkhole will not give you a fair warning of when it will occur, it just does and can exist in high or dry places. Sinkholes are quick and sudden yet cause an immense amount of damage.

Although the actual sinkhole occurs out of nowhere, there are a number of signs of its development such as:

  • Cracks in your walls (interior and exterior)
  • Cracks in your property’s stucco
  • Separation of walls from the floor or ceiling
  • Uneven flooring and doorways
  • Pavement sinking
  • Difficulties in closing your windows and/or doors
  • Cracked pavements

The above-listed are only some signs to a possible development of a sinkhole beneath your property. This is why it is important for you to file an immediate claim upon noticing said problems with your property as if you do not, the damage may later be irreparable. We encourage you to contact PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. so that we may assist you from the very beginning of the claim process to the end and help you prevent the development of a sinkhole.

At PrimeState, you will be dealing with expert Public Adjusters which are highly experienced to assess your damages and which will be working with you through the claim filing and recovery process. Simply reach us 24 hours a day 7 days a week and give us some brief detail of your damage such as when it occurred, how it occurred, the location of the damage, along with the name of your insurance company. We then set you up for an appointment with one of our expert Field Adjusters that will go to inspect your property.

During that inspection and unlike the adjuster that is specifically hired by your insurance carrier to protect their interests as opposed to yours and in an attempt to properly assess the extent of your damage, our adjuster will take his/her time in thoroughly inspecting your property. Following the evaluation, an Estimate is prepared and forwarded to your carrier for consideration of what we determine that your claim is worth in an attempt to successfully resolve the claim in your favor. These are only a few of the complicated steps a public adjuster takes in order to relieve you of the stress of dealing with your carrier. It is very important that only a qualified and licensed individual handles your claim so that the best recovery can be attained. Here at PrimeState, we have those qualified individuals.

Staffing the most knowledgeable professionals in the insurance industry that will serve every single one of your sinkhole damage claim needs, PrimeState Public Adjusters, Inc. serves to protect only your best interests. If you or anyone you know has suffered damage to a property due to a sinkhole, you’re just a simple phone call away from a fast and an appropriate recovery. Feel free to provide us with information in our inquiry window.

Contact us TODAY for a free evaluation and let us deal with your insurance carrier directly to relieve you of any further sinkhole claim stress.